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6 Things to Consider when Using Salesforce to Automate Business Processes

Posted by Recordsforce on Mar 20, 2018 9:20:13 AM

Do you have a business process that requires inputting hundreds or thousands of documents into Salesforce each month? Is the process as fast and pain free as you’d like? If it were, you wouldn’t be reading this! Salesforce is a fantastic tool for doing a lot more than just the humble CRM it started out as. Yet, with all the changes, still resorts to a fairly basic document storage and document uploading practices that don’t adequately support most business processes. If you need to see more than 5 documents, it turns into a clickfest.

Figuring out how to get documents into Salesforce quickly as a repeatable and accurate business process isn’t easy; there are many considerations when looking at automating the process of uploading documents.

Accountability is critical

Every business process has to have a business process owner; in this case, that might be you!  The business process owner is responsible for maintaining the process and working to optimize the process flow. Being a champion for the process inside the business is typically another large responsibility for this role. If you need to invest in new tools or services related to the business process, you’ll need to be able to make the pitch to upper management for funds and resources.

Understand your process

You can’t optimize or automate something you don’t know inside and out. Take time to create a detailed map of the current process using tools like Visio or Lucid Charts. Make sure you understand why each step is important to the current process. Eliminate steps that don’t add value or reduce risk.

Determine when and where

When and where do documents arrive in the business process and what do their individual life cycles look like? Each document that enters Salesforce does not necessarily do so equally. Does this document need to be forwarded to someone for review or approval immediately, or is this a document that is here to check a box for compliance? In every business process, different documents play different roles and don’t need to be treated equally. Also, don’t think like you are going to keep everything forever! Having a plan for archiving documents out of Salesforce will help keep your hosting costs lower.

Automate Bulk Processing

Don’t resort to manual processing of emails and inbound mail to get documents into Salesforce! For years users have struggled to move inbound documents into Salesforce easily. Partnering with a certified Salesforce developer to create the right boarding capability can help you create a more streamlined flow of information from disparate sources directly into your Salesforce system.

Third Party Tools

Consider implementing tools that support improved functionality in Salesforce. If you store a lot of documents in Salesforce, chances are you are paying a lot for that capability. Through tools like PsiSafe, a custom Salesforce document storage solution, you can improve how your documents are stored and retrieved in Salesforce while simultaneously lowering your monthly cost for the system. Salesforce has a vast pool of application developers that have made plugins and modules that can make Salesforce a lot easier to use. Make sure you stay up to date on what’s possible!


Sometimes automation can’t do it all! If you still find after implementing the available Salesforce solutions and working with a certified partner that getting your documents into Salesforce quickly is still only an aspiration, there’s help! At Recordsforce, we specialize in moving inbound documents from email, PO boxes, and fax machines into your Salesforce system quickly and accurately. We already have the tools for bulk importing documents into Salesforce and can provide customized solutions for viewing documents in Salesforce as well. In addition, we can extract data from inbound documents and update your Salesforce process and other systems with that data.

Salesforce is powerful, but it’s not ALL powerful. Remember that Salesforce is just one tool for managing your business process. Sometimes it can feel like forcing a round peg into a square hole. If that’s happening to you, consider if the process has to happen inside of Salesforce. There are workflow solutions, like FileBound, that can be integrated with Salesforce which allows you to create elegant workflow solutions that live in the cloud and can seamlessly pass data back and forth for easy process automation.


If you're interested to see how you can speed up the process for moving documents into your Salesforce system, grab time below: