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Keeping Up Your PACE During a Pandemic

Posted by Recordsforce on Mar 24, 2020 10:38:24 AM

Like many companies across the globe, Recordsforce is being asked to keep as many of its workers out of the office as possible due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are currently sending 3 out of every 4 employees home to work, where they are able to perform their jobs remotely. 

With the majority of our staff working from home, you may be curious how we are able to track and manage the work that is being performed or see what the status of our customer’s jobs are. Part of our company’s success is due to the fact that we focus heavily on front-end processing, where documents are coming to us through portals, emails and PO boxes that we pick up from. As a result, even with many companies shutting down their physical operations, the digital work is still flowing to us and the PO box is something we can manage with minimal risk. To manage our paper operations, we have a limited staff of paper operations team members performing prep and scan tasks, but all other staff members are offsite.

For most imaging companies, trying to manage a staff doing complex tasks remotely would be a challenge. Not for Recordsforce or the other PACE clients.

PACE logoWith PACE, our cloud-based production management system, we are able to continue to have complete visibility and control over what our staff is working on. Everyone also knows how quickly they are performing their tasks. We figured having data entry operators working remotely would slow down production. We didn’t know how much it would slow us down at scale and it was a concern for planning and meeting customer SLAs for delivery.

After the first day of having the full staff working remotely, we ran the performance reports and analyzed the results. We were able to predict exactly how much additional labor we would need to make up for the productivity losses caused by the latency of remotely working for our data entry operators. Thankfully, we aren’t losing much productivity because a lot of our work is already automated.

With PACE, I can see exactly what my staff is working on, on an individual level, and how long they’ve been working on it. The time clock is built right into the system, so every hour of labor is still being tracked. When we perform billing, all of the metrics are already collected, making the accounting person’s job a breeze. Despite having the staff all working from home, the managers and the staff still feel completely in control of their jobs.

If your business needs to have visibility into what your staff is working on now that everyone is working out of sight, let us know! PACE has been helping companies be more efficient, better managed and creating better places to work for over 10 years!

If you’re interested in keeping up your PACE while your company works remotely, check out our website to learn more!

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