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Recordsforce Announces Addition of ancora to Customized A/P Process and Approval System Solutions

Posted by Recordsforce on May 11, 2018 2:16:53 PM
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Recordsforce is happy to announce that we have partnered with ancora Software, a global innovator in automated document capture, to offer their invoice capture automation capabilities to our invoice workflow approval solutions. This partnership will allow companies to use the ancora product suite for self-serve processing applications where outsourcing is not an option.

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The addition of ancora to the Recordsforce product suite will allow clients to have an in-house solution that utilizes the same best of class invoice recognition that Recordsforce uses to deliver its AP processing services. One core feature of ancora to highlight, is Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR gives us the ability to identify and locate targeted keywords and phrasing within scanned documents. This technology will help Recordsforce customers save time and money by eliminating wasted hours performing manual data entry from inbound documents.

ancora's capturing technology automatically reads various data fields using custom machine learning algorithms. This means that you don't have to change documents to conform to the system; ancora learns and adapts to your systems already in place. With this updated process in place we've seen the amount of required manual entry reduced between 60-90%!

In addition to these, ancora's technology opens up a range of document management solutions for Recordsforce customers. The software can be used as a process automation solution for organizations ranging from legal firms looking to classify documents and leverage full text search for discovery documents to financial institutions needing to reduce the cost of customer transaction times. These processes can all be completed while ensuring compliance with any organizational or federal guidelines. 

We are extremely excited to be adding Ancora to our Accounts Payable process solution. With ancora, customers can now benefit from the same industrial grade process automation that Recordsforce uses. Clients will be able to eliminate costly and repetitive data entry work for a majority of their invoices.

Bill Becker, CEO

If you are interested in learning more on Recordsforce's product suite featuring the ancora software, grab time to speak with a representative below!





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